switching directions…

I’m learning the piano.

I used to play the double bass for nine years working myself up to playing one year in the Florida West Coast Symphony (under the direction of the late Paul Wolfe) now the Sarasota Orchestra.

I quit because I used to get a lot of panic attacks driving to/from the concerts and it took the joy out of playing.

I want to learn the piano because
it’s self-contained. You don’t need any other instrument to play
you don’t need to be “in tune” you either hit the not or not.



using up the remainder of supplies…

I will be using up my remainder of supplies and once that is used up I will not be painting anymore. My art, at the least, must be able to sustain itself. It is costing me too much money to keep this as a hobby. It either sustains itself or there will be no more art.

I’m available for commissions. You pick your favorite colors and we can talk about format/structure. One half of the total price will be paid upfront and the balance once completed upon your approval.